Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Drain Cleaning

Spring and Fall are the best times to consider plumbing maintenance. Drain cleaning, in particular, is most important during these times. This is when tree root intrusion is the most common because the soil is so moist and roots become a huge problem. Doing preventive maintenance such as semi-annual drain cleaning can really help prevent costly and time consuming services. Most of the time people just want to wait until there is a problem before doing anything about it. However, there is usually a problem lurking that is unseen until it's too late. By then it has become an emergency that may have landed on a night, weekend, or a holiday and everyone's at your house. It is best to keep your plumbing working smoothly and properly to avoid such an emergency. If you find yourself in an emergency there are options to getting the problem resolved efficiently. We have state-of-the-art equipment for detecting and resolving plumbing issues such as augers, jetters, sewer cameras, and leak detection equipment. Call us to schedule semi-annual drain cleaning or if it has become an emergency, we offer 24-emergency service. We'll come right out and get your plumbing working great again. Call 801-546-0522. For more information visit


  1. Thanks for the information on keeping up on plumbing and preparation. Especially because spring is approaching. Keep the gutters clean, etc. This is a good site for the plumbers in mississauga to come to and get more ideas of how to improve plumbing.